My work on Criminal was focused on the cinematic experience.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments

Here is an example of a cinema I set up in MotionBuilder. Working with the cinema director, I was responsible for most of the layout, all cameras, and all final character animations.

(Duration 40sec)(Desktop 4.05MB)(Mobile 3.83MB)(Cell 290KB)
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Here is another example of a cinema scene I contributed to. I was responsible for all character animations except the face animations. The layout and cameras were set up by another animator.

(Duration 33sec)(Desktop 4.2MB)(Mobile 3.85MB)(Cell 346KB)
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This is an example of a previs animatic I created to communicate a game mechanic.

(Duration 17sec)(Desktop 2.12MB)(Mobile 1.83MB)(Cell 125KB)
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I animated this short foreshadowing intro in MotionBuilder. I exported the camera animation using a custom Python script I wrote. The script plotted each camera's correct time range to a specific node that would be exported to Unreal.

(Duration 27sec)(Desktop 3.16MB)(Mobile 2.98MB)(Cell 279KB)
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